What is "i DO stop"?

We all see cyclists roll through stoplights and signs, with no regard for cars, pedestrians, other bikes…or the law. As cyclists, we’re all in this together, and we should do all we can to keep everyone safe on the roads. "i DO stop" tells everyone...cars, trucks and bikes...that you are stopping at red lights and stop signs.

Why should we care?

When drivers see a bike roll through an intersection without stopping, most do not like what they've seen. They're left with a bad impression of every cyclist. The next time one of those drivers sees someone on a bike, they might not give that cyclist enough room. Or they might decide to teach that cyclist a lesson. The results could be tragic.

We're in it together

There is a growing animosity between cyclists and motorists. Both sides believe the other side is at fault. The first step toward diffusing some of that animosity is showing cyclists that it's OK to do the right thing. It's OK to stop at stoplights and signs. We are in this together, and the actions of one have an impact on everyone.

Rules of the road

Many traffic laws written for cars and trucks don’t make sense when they’re applied to bicycles. But that doesn't give bike riders the right to pick-and-choose which laws to follow, and which laws to ignore. If you don’t like your traffic local laws, work with your local officials to get those laws changed. But until then, just obey the law. Just stop.